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A Brief Look at the Life of a CEO

Most of us feel pretty stressed out working our forty hour weeks, picking up occasional overtime and bringing work home to get done over the weekend. However, very few people have had to put up with the kind of demanding schedule that a corporate CEO puts up with. The truth is that, with the rise in Internet and cloud computing technologies, the fact is that corporate CEO's hardly ever have a moment of time in which they are not responding to some kind of email, text message or phone call from a customer, employee or business associate. The fact is that CEO's have very demanding schedules that routinely run into 16 to 18 hour days.

Another fact about the life of a corporate CEO is the fact that they are constantly under the scrutiny of literally thousands of people. Whether it is their workforce, the press, shareholders, regulators or a distrustful public, a corporate CEO is constantly having to look over their shoulder for whoever is watching their every step. Many CEO's actually communicate information about their daily schedules on their corporate websites and in corporate events to help people better understand what they are doing to help promote success in their company. if you want to learn more about the life of your company's CEO, take a moment to look up information on your company website.If you want to learn more about Mark Hurd, you can visit

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